There are several things you need to know about before you make a choice, whether you want to hire a cleaning company to help you with something on a more routinely basis, an annual spring cleaning, or a one-off task. Having someone who is not part of an official cleaning company brings a lot of risks. So here are some secrets on how to hire a house cleaner or a house cleaning company. 

House Cleaning Company 

Get Referrals from Friends and Family 

Begin by asking family and friends who they hire. Referrals provide you an inside look at what the service is all about, not just what they tell on their site since a company could write anything. Services could make themselves sound experienced, credible and amazing. However, a referral from a family or friend could have a various image and brings more weight.  

Take Online Reviews Slightly 

Satisfied individuals do not tend to write as many reviews as unsatisfied individuals who feel obliged to tell the world about their bad experiences. Keep in mind, sometimes; those reviews are individuals using it as a chance to try to damage the reputation, blow a story out of proportion, or to vent the company. It is definitely a red flag if a company has all the bad reviews. However, it is pretty average if they have few bad reviews and mostly good reviews. Nobody is perfect. 

Another thing to look out for is the company with a perfect rating. There are several companies that pay people to write good reviews for them. Nevertheless, a good tip is to avoid companies with all the perfect ratings, avoid a company with all the bad scores, and look for the cleaning services with a consistent score. 

Worker’s Compensation, Insurance, and Bonding 

Does the company have the capability to cover the costs of any injury, theft, or damage done to your house? You could be on the hook for cash, injured worker, property damaged, or items stolen if they do not have this coverage. A company must be willing to tell you if they have this coverage and give copies of their policies as you ask.  

So, be aware that these add to the operating cost of the company. That is why the fees are higher per job or per hour. But, this assurance level is valuable, especially when you are letting someone into your house, and can really be on the hook for anything that goes wrong. Keep in mind; we are living in a controversial world. 

Service Offerings 

Does the company offer a fixed service or take requests? How thorough would they get? Ask as to what service level is provided, depending on what you want to be done. If you could modify it and hire a person to come and tick a group of stuff off your to-do-list, or if you just get similar service each visit regardless of what you want to be completed, or if you could do a combination.