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Ways on How to Secure Your Car When Towed

Getting your car towed is a big hassle. Given the fact that your vehicle has failed in the middle of nowhere makes it very inconvenient while waiting for your towing service provider to arrive is definitely frustrating however, things could get worse – your vehicle could receive further damage during the towing procedure.


Not all people know that towing a repairable car could lead to causing further damage beyond the root cause of your car’s breakdown. So, you should take some time to make adjustments to your car in order to make sure that it is secure for Des Moines Towing Company and services, or else, your car could be receiving additional damages from the towing process.

The following are some of the ways to ensure your car does not get damaged when being towed:

1. Roll Up Windows

It is more often an overlooked aspect when being towed, however, just ensure to wind up all your windows in the car. As a matter of fact, this prevents any small particles and dust being kicked up into your car that could actually require cleaning as well as cause damage to upholstery.

2. Release the Emergency Brake

Every time you call for a tow vehicle, you know your car is not going anywhere, therefore, it really makes sense to put brakes on it. Nonetheless, this could lead to further damage to your vehicle, should it be towed by the conventional two wheels.

When taking off the brakes, the vehicle is already safe to transport using two wheels on the highway, ensuring no additional damage to the brakes happens. In addition to that, this could be done in park as well, even though you need to make sure the non-driving car is on the ground if the car is automatic transmission. On the other hand, manual transmission cars are all good to be transported on any wheels with the tire brake off when in park.

If towed with the use of a flatbed towing vehicle, the brakes are most likely not a problem since no wheels touch the ground however, you would also want to make sure that it is off when the car is hoisted – a professional and well-experienced tow vehicle driver should tell you this, of course.

3. Take Pictures

Taking pictures is always suggested prior to being towed. Since most of the people are owning a smartphone nowadays, it is definitely very easy to have some fast snaps of the current condition of your car prior to it getting picked up the tow.

This also gives you some security should damage happen to your car. While it will not avoid it from occurring, it just ensures you have your vehicle was damaged during the entire towing process.

Sometimes, unexpected things still occur no matter how you follow precautions and defensive driving. Still, things go the other way and you could need assistance from professional service providers in the future. Whenever you need roadside assistance with your repairable car, the only best option you have is to contact a professional and highly reputable towing service provider or when necessary.

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Why You Need a Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is always ready to help the drivers whenever their vehicles break down. If you have auto insurance it is always an option to have a roadside assistance. There are teams assigned by the car insurance on their clients to provide road assistance whenever there is trouble depending on the circumstances, vehicle and location. They dispatch the most appropriate and closest service provider. When you add roadside assistance to your car insurance policy, you will get: fuel delivery, battery jump-start service, towing, lockout service, flat tire service, and extrication. Below are the descriptions of every service that are included in a roadside assistance.

Towing McAllen Texas is making an effort to repair minor mechanical problems and adjustments to possibly make your vehicle drivable again. You cannot perceive possible troubles along the way when you are on the road, that’s why it’s better that you are prepared and you have some assistance if you cannot fix it on your own. There are so many lists of possible trouble when you are on the road, so adding roadside assistance in your policy is a great choice. The following are the services offered by a road assistance.

Towing service is given if the roadside assistance fails to repair or make the vehicle drivable again. They will call to tow your vehicle but on limited miles depending on your policy but if it’s beyond the limit they will charge you an extra payment.

Battery jump-start service is making an effort to start your vehicle. The roadside assistance will try to a jump start your battery to make it drivable again. Jump-starting depends on your vehicle manufacturer, they will be based on your manual because there are different vehicles servicing by different qualified service professionals.

Flat tire happens and the roadside assistance is always ready to help. Roadside assistance service professionals will automatically report to your location. They will replace your flat tire with your spare tire inside your vehicle.

Lockout service is rendered when the driver cannot enter in their own vehicle. The roadside assistance tries to open the vehicle. They usually use pump wedge or long reach tool to open the door.

Fuel delivery, service is provided when you run out of gas while on the road. A roadside service provider will come immediately to your location with enough fuel you need just to get your vehicle to the gas station near you. They will charge the fuel used depending on the pump price in the area.

Extrication rendered service is provided when the vehicle is constrained or stuck. They use the truck to dislodge the vehicle. When the extrication is done by many professional service providers, there is an additional cost.

Roadside assistance is very helpful in times of need. You cannot know where and when you need someone to tow your vehicle, jump-start your battery, change your tire, fuel delivery, lockout service, and extrication. Adding these, to your car insurance policy is a great option. There are so many services offered by a roadside professional and they will always try to help you whenever you need a roadside assistance.

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